Reorganizing and Relocating a Veterans Medical Center Based on Customer Preferences

Client: Louisville, KY, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center


The Veterans Administration was considering several options for a proposed move in the location of its medical center in Louisville, KY.  M. Davis and Company was contracted to survey veterans and identify the factors most important to them with regard to a new location and set of offerings for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center.


A survey was conducted among 537 military veterans from World War II through the Gulf War. A random sample stratified proportionately by zip code to enhance geographic representativeness was employed.

M. Davis and Company, Inc. was responsible for:

  1. Development of the research tool, in conjunction with LVAMC personnel
  2. Implementation of the approved tool to collect the information sought
  3. Data collected via mail and telephone surveys
  4. Analysis of the information gathered
  5. Development of a comprehensive report that included an executive summary and detailed findings summarized in graphs, charts, and data tables


The survey response rate was 63% and the survey cooperation rate was 95%.

The data and intelligence acquired in this project measured LVAMC location preferences and offerings from the customer’s point of view, and thereby helped provide the best possible service to veterans. In addition, the intelligence included the reasons why veterans supported or opposed specific options, along with the strength and prevalence of each reason.

“Survey of Veterans’ Preferences”

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