Improving Communications Between Patients, Physicians, and Healthcare Organizations

Client: Community CarePlus


M. Davis and Company, Inc. was engaged to conduct research among Community CarePlus customers, other Medicaid recipients residing in the St. Louis area, and physicians. The research was intended to assist in the development of a strategic marketing and communication plan.


Focus groups were conducted among Medicaid recipients in the St. Louis area, between the ages of 17 and 64 years old. In order to be included in the focus group, the participant or child had to have visited a doctor within the past year. Participants in the focus groups were overwhelmingly African American, female and parents. In addition, there were separate groups for current Community CarePlus customers; former Community CarePlus customers; and, those who never were Community CarePlus customers.

For the focus groups among physicians, each of the participants had been practicing medicine an average of over 14 years.


MDAC provided a total of 17 actionable recommendations to senior management at Community CarePlus.

“Customer, Non-Customer and Physician Focus Groups”

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