Improving the Performance of State-Funded Services to the Developmentally Disabled in the District of Columbia

Client:  District of Columbia, Department on Disability Services (DDS) Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)


M. Davis and Company, Inc. has conducted the National Core Indicator (NCI) Survey for the District of Columbia for four (4) consecutive years for individuals with developmental disabilities. The survey is multi-modal, utilizing both face-to-face consumer surveys and mail-in surveys. The District of Columbia is one of 35 states and two sub-state entities to participate in the NCI Survey. Representatives from the participating states make up the NCI Operations Committee which identifies the critical performance indicators to be measured.


M. Davis and Company, Inc. was responsible for:

  • Planning, scheduling, coordinating and conducting interviews with people served by DDA;
  • Accessing DDA data files;
  • Disseminating the NCI survey to families;
  • Collecting the surveys from families; and,
  • Entering the interview and survey results into an on-line database.

Each face-to-face interview was conducted by two-person teams consisting of a person with a developmental disability who conducted the actual interview and a person with qualitative research experience who served as a resource during the interview. All project personnel were required to be HIPPA Compliance Certified.


MDAC has helped the District of Columbia to identify and measure core indicators of performance of the states’ developmental disabilities service systems.

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