Exceeding Members’ Expectations

Client: AmeriChoice of New York


The objective of this customer satisfaction study was to provide information which would assist the primary care physicians (PCPs) and their staff in better serving AmeriChoice of NY members.


M. Davis and Company, Inc. developed a multi-stage, stratified quota sample for this study. It involved the following primary stages in the sample development process:

  • Determine panel size (number of patients) for each primary care provider in the AmeriChoice network, based on customer data provided by the health plan
  • Stratify care providers by panel size
  • Develop a random sample of patients/members for each primary care provider, adhering to the sample quota for each stratum
  • Pre-announce mailing of survey with a post card and replace members with deliverable/returned post cards in the sample, with members from the appropriate panel strata
  • Mail questionnaires to each member in the random sample
  • Allow at least 2 weeks for the questionnaires to be returned and, where needed, supplement the mailing with telephone calls to unresponsive members.

Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish.


A suite of reports was developed, by primary care provider, along with a satisfaction index. This allowed management to proactively engineer plan-wide improvements and also troubleshoot and support low-scoring physician practices. Management was also able to establish best practices from the intelligence generated from high-scoring physician practices.

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