Improving the Retention of Health Plan Members

Client: Horizon NJ Health


M. Davis and Company, Inc. has been engaged to provide call center support to current and projected plan member outreach initiatives for Horizon NJ Health.


Four primary tasks were initially identified for support:

  • Outbound Health Risk Assessments;
  • Outbound Calls for Existing Members (Involuntary Disenrollment);
  • Retention Calls for Existing Members (Monthly Renewals and Over Due Premiums); and
  • Retention Calls for New Members (Managed Care Expansion – 45 Day Call After Welcome Call).

MDAC was assigned to conduct Monthly Renewal and Overdue Premium courtesy reminder calls. MDAC reaches over 10,000 households each month.


M. Davis and Company, Inc. has outperformed and exceeded the contractual response rate of 70% in each of the six contract years (2011 to 2017).

MDAC efforts have, in large part, allowed Horizon NJ Health to meet its monthly member retention goals, during a very competitive period driven by the Affordable Care Act.

“Health Enrollee Outbound Call Initiatives”

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