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About Veteran Affairs

Understanding the needs of veterans is an important part of caring for our military once they leave the service. So often, programs fall short of veteran satisfaction and protection, so companies want to find ways to enhance their amenities. Furthermore, many veteran programs are subject to monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting to federal agencies and need deliverables that are accurate and in compliance with regulations. MDAC cares deeply for our servicemen and women and regularly works with agencies to research veteran preferences, best practices, and problems related to veteran services. Using our multi-modal approaches, MDAC will evaluate the chosen population, generate data based on response, and create proposals for practical changes that will help the company achieve their desired results.

Research Descriptions

Veteran Satisfaction

  • Ongoing research that determines satisfaction with services.
  • Surveys that show veteran preferences.

Veteran Entrepreneurial Programs

  • Determine effectiveness of entrepreneurial programs specifically designed for veterans.
  • Better understand the impact of microenterprise start-up services for veterans interested in creating, sustaining or expanding a small business.

Access to Veteran Services

  • Identify areas where veterans struggle to gain access to veteran services.
  • Improve access to programs designed to support veterans.

Veteran’s Affairs Research Capabilities

  • Telephone surveys
  • Intercept & on-board surveys
  • Mail and web-based surveys
  • Address based sampling
  • Analysis of cost-effectiveness data, including fare policy and demand estimation studies

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MDAC regularly partners with public and private sector entities that are focused on veterans initiatives to provide the highest quality research.  Contact us to explore how we can provide you with actionable solutions to your veterans research needs.

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