Emergency Preparedness

About Emergency Preparedness

In the event of a wide scale emergency, disaster awareness and preparedness saves lives. One of the most important functions of our government is to configure our society’s infrastructure and resources to best respond to emergency situations and mitigate or avoid casualties and injuries. It is imperative government and private organizations know the pitfalls of their emergency programs, the primary challenges faced by individuals in crises, and how best to connect those people to support programs. Especially important in an emergency preparedness program is attention to the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and those with limited access to helping agencies. MDAC has worked with public and private organizations to assess these areas of concern and provide practical solutions that will ensure the safety of the population.

Research Descriptions

  • Program Efficiency
    • Assess and update programs designed to increase disaster awareness and preparedness.
  • Individuals with Disabilities
    • Understand and quantify the readiness of the general population and persons with disabilities and functional needs for emergencies and disasters.
  • Success of Helping Agencies
    • Leverage relationships and networks to ensure effective and efficient community outreach.

Emergency Preparedness Research Capabilities

  • Telephone surveys
  • Intercept & on-board surveys
  • Mail and web-based surveys
  • Address based sampling
  • Analysis of cost-effectiveness data, including fare policy and demand estimation studies

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MDAC regularly partners with public and private sector entities that are focused on emergency preparedness initiatives to provide the highest quality research.  research contracts. Contact us to explore how we can provide you with straightforward solutions to your emergency preparedness research needs.

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