Improving State-Funded Services for the Developmentally Disabled in Maryland

Client: Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)


M. Davis and Company, Inc. served as a subcontractor to implement the Maryland Quality of Life Survey, also known as the National Core Indicators (NCI) survey, for three years. The survey was comprised of three waves of both face-to-face and mail surveys.


MDAC established survey protocols, worked with DDA data files, and coordinated surveys with consumers, families and service providers. The data collection was comprised of 1,000 adult, face-to-face consumer surveys and 3,000 mail surveys of families and guardians.

MDAC and its other project team members ensured the majority of “surveyors” for face-to-face surveys were individuals with developmental disabilities, from the State of Maryland.


The survey enabled the State of Maryland to assess satisfaction with the services delivered by their providers and determine which, if any, services needed to be modified and/or added to increase satisfaction levels.


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